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Spring 2021 COVID-19 Impacts on Club Sports

Update: Wednesday, January 20th
Due to the continued unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, MIT is extending the cancellation of all varsity/club sports competitions and travel for the Spring semester. On-campus practice options for club sports will be scaled down and modified to meet socially distance precautions. Many clubs will be offering virtual options and social activities.

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Funding and Fundraising

Here is an overview of the Club Sports funding cycle:

  1. mid-August: deadline to submit application to CSC for funding for upcoming school year
  2. mid-August: deadline to submit receipts/paperwork to Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement Office (SOLE) to use allocated funds for the previous school year
  3. early-September: allocations distributed for upcoming school year
  4. early-September: accounts cleared of unspent funds from previous school year
  5. early-November: Nationals funding form released (rolling application as your team qualifies)

How To Gain Access To Your Club's Financial Accounts

Access to your club’s main account and CSC account is overseen by the Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement (SOLE) Office.  To gain access, complete both of these steps

  1. Assign ‘Financial Signatory’ and ‘Treasurer’ roles in Engage,
  2. Email SOLE,, and request access.  Include the person’s name, Kerberos ID, club name, and club account numbers

Rules For Spending Money

Types of Funding

There are 2 types of funding provided by the CSC: 1) Regular funding and 2) Nationals funding

  • Instructor salaries will be reimbursed to the team’s main account upon submission of proof of payment.
  • Please note that all CSC accounts will be cleared at the end of each academic year.
  • Any reimbursements submitted to Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement Office (SOLE) before August 14, 2020 will be counted toward FY2020 (last year); anything submitted after that will be counted toward FY2021 (next year).

Regular Funding

For regular season expenses, including regional tournaments and competitions which do not require a team to qualify in competition.

Treasurers can submit requests for funding by filling out the form here

The deadline for submission is September 15, 2020; allocations will be reviewed and distributed by the Club Sports Council as quickly as possible.

Nationals Funding

For national competitions that require a team to qualify in competition.

Treasurers can submit requests for funding by filling out the form here

Fundraising Options

MIT Club Sports is committed to providing an environment that is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you cannot access content or use features on our website due to a disability, please let us know.