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Travel: Defined

Travel is defined as a club activity that is off campus

Travel: Registration

Off-campus club activities must be registered if EITHER of the following criteria is met

a. The activity is a competition
b. The activity is outside of the Boston/Cambridge metro area (outside of the 95 corridor)

Off Campus boundries

Why Register Travel?

  • So a club can attend events as a group
  • So the MIT name can be used
  • So club funds can be used
  • So travel arrangements can be made in your club’s name
  • So the club sports office can follow up with your group (ex: in case of inclement weather, or safety concerns at your destination)
  • DoSportsEasy Reference Materials

Steps to Register Domestic Travel

  1. At least two (2) weeks before the trip: submit an Event Form* in DoSportsEasy.
  2. At least five (5) days before the trip: submit a Travel Itinerary via the DoSportsEasy
    • Failure to submit Travel Itinerary will result in your group not being able to use the MIT name or club funds for the event
    • Submitting the event form will authorize the Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement Office to help pre-pay for your travel arrangements.  Visit their Office Hours to book logistics.
    • More information about booking travel is available through the Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement Office here.

Steps to Register International Travel

Itineraries for international travel must be submitted to the Club Sports and Student Organizations, Leadership, and Engagement Office (SOLE) for approval prior to the trip.

  1. Trip leader: (student) Register the trip in DoSportsEasy
  2. Trip leader: review information and submit forms to SOLE online here
  3. Trip leader: review guidelines provided by MIT’s International Coordinating Committee (ICC)
  4. Each traveler: must review and sign the International Travel Risk Policy Student Risk Acknowledgment Form registered through MIT’s International Travel Registry
  5. Each traveler: must review, sign, and submit the Student Travel Abroad Policy Acknowledgement Form to SOLE

Travel Guidelines

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