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Covid-19 Impact Update: June 6th

As of June 6th, MIT has made the following changes that will affect club sports...

There are no longer capacity limits in DAPER facilities (you may return to full participation at practices, provided everyone is in covid pass)

There is no longer a social distancing requirement (you can return to all regular play, ie contact scrimmages)

Masks are not required outside, however they are still required inside at all times

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COVID Information; FAQ’s

This fall MIT and DAPER have made the decision to allow teams to host and travel to games/tournaments.  Due to the spread of the Delta variant the following policies have been put in place…

  1. All indoor sports will require masks.  There will be no social distancing or capacity limits though.  We will be doing rounds to check in on our club sports and if a team is found participating without masks the following steps will take place…
    1. First consequence is a verbal reminder to put masks back on
    2. Second consequence is a stoppage of the practice and a conversation about why this policy is in place.
    3. Third and final consequence is a stoppage of all practices and tournament participation until the captains are able to meet with DAPER staff.

Please help us to keep the campus and all students safe by wearing a mask indoors.

All outdoor sports will be able to operate as they were pre-pandemic.

Below is more information on the changes that will take place this semester as well as links that I hope you find helpful to answer preliminary questions that you may have.

MIT Club Sports is committed to providing an environment that is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you cannot access content or use features on our website due to a disability, please let us know.