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Council and Bylaws

Club Sports Council

The Club Sports Council (CSC) comprises of MIT students (Officers) elected by the student leaders of all club sports. The purpose of the CSC is to represent club sports in all administrative matters, including but not limited to representation within the MIT Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (DAPER) and the MIT Association of Student Activities (ASA). Among other things, the CSC distributes and oversees club sports budgets, approves club sports space allocations, approves club sports instructors, and generally advocates for student interests as they relate to club sports.

The operations of the CSC are governed by the CSC Constitution. CSC officers are student members of the Club Sports Community who are elected once a year by the leadership of all the clubs. The officer with the highest number of votes serves for two consecutive years on the Council to ensure continuity.

View constitution here

Join the CSC

Join the CSC to advocate for club sports initiatives and improve the current experience. Time commitment is approximately one meeting per month.

Club Sport Bylaws

Each and every student run organization under jurisdiction of the Club Sports Council must meet all following listed criteria to be considered a club sport:

  • Be dedicated to and exclusively promote an inherently competitive or instructional activity requiring significant physical exertion.
  • Be recognized by a national or international governing body that defines formal rules and/or related criteria for the activity AND provides rigorous criteria and certification of coaches or instructors.
  • Be accessible to and allow participation by all MIT students AND be in full compliance of all criteria stipulated in Title IX.
  • Facilitate regular attendance for the duration of each semester and maintain rosters of at least 10 members, at least 50% of which must be MIT students.
  • Be moderated by at least two full-time MIT students in designated “President” and “Treasurer” roles.

Recognition of introductory groups will be individually and conditionally determined by the Club Sports Council, and is dependent on available financial, spatial, temporal, and human resources. Prospective organizations must meet all criteria as defined in Club Sports bylaws.

All club sports will be assessed annually in the fall for absolute compliance with the Club Sports Bylaws. Clubs that receive a ‘Probation’ status (see below) will be reassessed at the end of the academic year. During these assessments, Clubs will be assigned one of three statuses:

  • Pass – The assessed group meets all criteria as defined by the Club Sports Bylaws.
  • Probation – The assessed group has not met all criteria as defined by Club Sports Guidelines in the outstanding semester. The group has one semester to amend all lapses in compliance before being considered for derecognition.
  • Derecognition – The assessed group has not met all criteria as defined by Club Sports Guidelines for the outstanding semester and at least one semester prior.

Derecognized clubs will no longer be eligible to apply for and receive funding from CSC, no longer be able to reserve space, and lose all DAPER resources.

MIT Club Sports is committed to providing an environment that is accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you cannot access content or use features on our website due to a disability, please let us know.