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Do Sports Easy Database

System Features

The Club Sports Council offers a database called DoSportsEasy.  Everyone must join in the system on an annual basis, prior to attending a practice or event.  Someone should create an account even if they’re just trying the club out so you can capture their interest and ensure they’ve completed the risk management forms.

Officer roles in the system are self-designated based on the club’s election procedures.  Officer roles are approved by the club sports office each weekday morning, and it is then up to the officers of the club to activate or deactivate accounts based on the club’s membership criteria.

This system provides the following functions:

  • Submit waivers (electronically)
  • Member profile pages
  • Maintain up to date club rosters. Audits due
    • Early October
    • Late February
    • Mid June
  • Maintain event calendar
  • Submit travel roster (electronically)
  • Submit post-event form (electronically)


Officers – check out the FAQs below.

General members – refer to the User Manual here

Still have questions?  Email the Club Sports Council at

FAQs about the system

1.Does the system accept Kerberos users?…YES! Help Guide
2. How do I join as an officer of my club? Help Guide
3. Does the system accept non-Kerberos users?…YES Help Guide
4. How do I approve or disapprove members on my club’s roster? Help Guide
5. How can I view my club’s roster? Help Guide
6. How can I view emergency contact info for each club member? Help Guide
7. How do I edit my profile once it’s been approved? Email Nick Jewell with the requested edit
8. How do I create an event that my club is attending? Help Guide
9. How do I create a travel itinerary for an event that my club is attending? Help Guide
10. How do I submit an event recap after an event is over? Help Guide

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