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Clubs are allowed to use the MIT or DAPER brand as long as certain guidelines are followed to uphold the trademark.  A club can not alter a trademarked MIT or DAPER logo as it is considered trademark infringement.

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MIT logo variations

MIT logo variations


MIT colors (Cardinal Red and Grey) should be used in uniforms whenever possible; white and black elements are also acceptable.  Some leeway in the exact shades of these colors will be granted to allow teams more options, however colors that are clearly not MIT (eg. yellow, blue, orange, green) are not acceptable if the MIT or DAPER logo is involved. Lettering for the uniforms should be appropriate to the style of that uniform. In all cases, the most prominent design element on the uniform should be “MIT.”

Online Merchandise Store

An online site is set up so individuals (club members, family, friends, etc) can order gear (tshirts, hats, jackets, sweatshirts, etc) with MIT logos and your club’s name.  Individuals could then place an order for themselves with whatever logo they want and whatever product they want, pay for it, and have it shipped directly to them.  It saves your club the hassle of fronting money, taking orders, and shipping merchandise out.

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