Taekwondo champions

The MIT Sport Taekwondo Club earned the title of national champion at the 2019 National Collegiate Taekwondo Championship on April 20-21 at the University of Texas at Austin! The team earned 1st place in the Championship (black belt) Division for the first time in its 19 year history.

Team members earned 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 5 Bronze across all divisions, with 2 Gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze in the black belt division. It was a fantastic way to finish out the season and make club history.

Black Belt Poomsae (Forms) Results
Nina Anwar, Renee Zhao, Elizabeth Zou, Female Team – GOLD
Kevin Jiang – Male Individual – GOLD
Kevin Jiang and Renee Zhao, Pairs – SILVER
Aaron Fleischer, Kevin Jiang, Tahin Syed Male Team – SILVER
Renee Zhao, Female Individual – 6th
Yuqing Geng, Renee Silva, Gina Yuan – Female Team – 7th
Elizabeth Zou, Individual Poomsae – 7th
Nina Anwar, Female Individual – Semifinals
Gina Yuan – Female Individual
Renee Silva – Female Individual
Yuqing Geng – Female Individual
Sam Amey-Gonzalez – Female Individual
Aaron Fleischer – Male Individual

Black Belt Sparring Results
Gina Yuan, Female -49 kg – SILVER
Aaron Fleischer, Male -87 kg – SILVER
Nina Anwar, Female -46 kg – BRONZE
Renee Silva, Female -73 kg – BRONZE
Joy Zeng, Female -57 kg
Sam Amey-Gonzalez, Female -62 kg

Red Belt Results
Josh Murdock, Poomsae – BRONZE
Josh Murdock, -80kg Sparring – BRONZE

Green Belt Poomsae
Laney Flanagan – GOLD
Priscilla Liow – Female
Liam Herndon – Male
Andrew Delgadillo – Male
Moctar Fall – Male
Shubhanga Ballal – Male

Green Belt Sparring
Laney Flanagan, Female -57 kg – GOLD
Andrew Delgadillo, Male -58 kg – SILVER
Moctar Fall, Male +80 kg – BRONZE
Shubangha Ballal, Male -58 kg
Priscilla Liow, Female -49 kg
Liam Herndon, Male -80 kg

Gina Yuan
Josh Murdock

Event Coaches
Master Dan Chuang
Michelle “Machine” Chen
Isaac Fenta
Tahin Syed

Event Tournament Committee
Master Tara Sarathi (chair)
Hilary Monaco
Ashley Wang
Manuel Guillen